Privacy Policy

Protection of personal data

The Cam'On application does not require you to create an account. No personal data or data related to your equipment is stored on any centralized server. The only data stored on the iCloud environment related to your Apple ID is the status of residents in, or outside, the monitored area if you have chosen resident management for automatic activation of geolocation detection.

Protection of privacy

Geolocation data is not collected on devices using the application. They are only used locally by the application to determine whether a device crosses the boundaries of the area to be monitored (if geolocation activation has been selected).

Link with camera manufacturers

Cam'On is independent and is not linked in any way to camera manufacturers. It does not collects and does not provide any data on user activity.


No advertising is displayed in the application.

Third-party service

Push notifications are transmitted using a service provider: "pusher/beams". This supplier undertakes not to collect any information other than that necessary for the operation of the service and not to transmit it to third parties. Its privacy policy is available here
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